Wilmeat is a family owned and operated company successfully integrating a strong Australian heritage with a vision for the future.

Business owners Michael, Trevor, George and Sam pride themselves on their long standing partnerships with multi – generational pig farmers. These relationships support and foster the sole focus of growing, processing and supplying prime quality pork produce throughout Australia.

Wilmeat’s vision for the future has seen the team design and build the newest custom built pork processing facilities in Sydney. These premises enable them to continually innovate for the future with new concepts in pork cuts, packaging and value added processing. Their stringent quality assurance program, guarantees an end product that is the freshest, and most delicious tasting, premium pork.

Proudly partnering with Australian farmers
– the Jarvis family from Liberty Fields

Like Wilmeat, the Jarvis Family Farm has been farmed and owned in the Jarvis Family for three generations. Located in central Queensland, North Burnett Region, close to the beautiful Cania Gorge, the Jarvis’s have been farming here since the 1930’s and have progressively grown to a Coles Accredited 500 Sow Commercial Piggery.

Wilmeat Cut Meats - refrigerated truck

“Our Farm has a great relationship with Wilmeat, and is looking forward to supplying the best quality pork we can produce to help Wilmeat fulfil their customers’ needs.”

The Jarvis Family.